About Catalist

Our Core Values


Some may call it Innovation, Disruption, a Breakthrough.  We like to say that we rethink the status quo in order to effectuate social change – a type of change that is real and tangible.  We are dedicated to creating solutions for companies and causes to ignite progress easier, quicker and more effectively.

Keep It Smart

We have one simple mission: to connect companies and causes.  In order to achieve this simple mission, we must always keep our platform smart, thoughtful and relevant to our users.  How we do that is deeply rooted in advanced technology, prescriptive methodologies and more data than any of us can handle.

Make It Easy

You have big goals and even bigger hearts.  But you’re also busy and getting busier every day.  At Catalist, we pride ourselves on creating stellar customer experiences that make connections for social change easy.

The Catalist Difference

The perfect marriage of technology & expertise, the Catalist Platform is built on a foundation of:
  • Smart Technology
  • Specialized Analysts
  • Expert Translation
  • Stellar Service
The Result:  Better, Smarter, More Fruitful Partnerships For You