With nonprofits projecting organizational growth set to outpace the corporate sector in 2016, the time to understand and invest in your teams is now.

Persona Assessment

Quick and easy 50-question proprietary personality assessment customized for corporate partnership professionals

Personality Assignment

Assessment results provide a personality assignment from one of the five necessary personalities to any successful Corporate Sponsorship team

Team Training

35+ on-demand courses help you consistently train and educate small or large teams on building smart corporate parterships.  Shaped for the novice to the seasoned professional, the online coursework covers campaign strategy, partnership prospecting, cultivation, stewardship and measurement, and comes complete with downloadable methodologies and tools.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility is just an opinion…until it’s grounded in data.  MERIT is Catalist’s proprietary feasibility tool that evaluates your organization’s proclivity for, success with, and value to corporations, PLUS… the “how-to” strategies for success.