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A Smarter, More Efficient Way For Your Company To Find The Right Cause Partner

Join the 100+ Companies in the Catalist Corporate Network to Maximize Your Resources and Community Impact

Your Challenge

Your contact info was published on a lead generation site
You are bombarded all year by nonprofits looking for a corporate partner, gift or donation
Most of your time is spent fielding calls and logging proposals
You still want to make an impact, but have little time for strategy

Our Solution

Offers you the ability to pre-define philanthropic criteria
Connects you with pre-qualified nonprofits
Maintains your privacy

How It Works

Verify your corporate CSR profile that already exists in the Catalist database
Once every other month, agree to review qualified nonprofit partner opportunities that have been filtered through a 10-point matchmaking system
Choose to decline the opportunity and provide rationale feedback, or choose to move forward with conversations
Catalist then connects you directly with the nonprofit organization to continue conversations

Why It Works

Reduces solicitation clutter
Maximizes resources by over 30%
Catalist manages all communication until you are ready to move forward
Protects your privacy and anonymity
Helps you find the right causes that resonate with your consumers, employees and shareholders

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