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Industry Trends

Annual CSR & Corporate Partnership Trend Report
Quarterly Proprietary Research
Monthly Trend Reports
Real-Time Industry Dashboard

Unique Audience Personas

Constituent Demographics
Constituent Geographics
Constituent Psychographics
Purchasing Behaviors
Key Personas Identified

Nonprofit Profiles

Research Profiles on the Top 10 Most Active Nonprofits Each Month
Research Profiles on the Top 3 Most Active Nonprofit Sectors Each Month
Research Profiles on Other Nonprofit “Gamechangers” and “Trailblazers” Each Month

Unique Competitive Analysis

By Cause Sector
By Campaign
By Type of Partnership
Within 1st 30 days, plus annual refresh

Up to 50 Recommended Charitable Partners

Unique consumer brand affinities
By Volume
By Differentiation

Top Sectors For Pursuit

Up to 5 unique cause sectors that are relevant to your brand and constituents
Up to 5 sectors that are ripe for maximization and growth

30 Qualified Leads

30 recommended charitable prospects based on mission alignment, opportunity, and shared consumers
Research profiles on 30 recommended prospects
Contact information for 30 recommended prospects

Top 50 Unique Influencers

50 influencers that drive your constituent’s behaviors, maximize partnerships and dictate impact
Network Leaders

“WHY” You Positioning

Proprietary positioning formula to establish your CSR “why” in consumer’s minds
1-Hour positioning session with experts

CSR Platform Identification

Proprietary CSR Platform methodology to develop a concise and effective giving portal that resonates with consumers and employees
1-Hour platform development session with experts

Asset Valuation & Packaging

Overall Partnership Asset Value
Consumer & Employee Engagement Measurement & Value
Missing Assets & Value Opportunity
Return on Partnership Value for Bottom Line & Employees

Engagement Best Practices & Formulas

Access to on-demand classroom
Creating a Balanced Partnership
 CSR Partnership Best Practices
Employee Engagement Methods
Employee Satisfacation Formulas & Measurement

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