How It Works

The Result: Better, Smarter, More Fruitful Partnerships for You

Smart Technology

The deepest set of constituent insights spanning social and real-world information, with more than 300 million profiles and 40+ billion connections
1000s of webcrawlers curate industry trends, research and standards
More than 500 complete nonprofit data sets contribute to benchmarking

Specialized Analysts

Natural language processing and machine-learning filter out noise
100s of identified keywords uncover the most meaningful information
Over 1000 hours of benchmarking analysis ensures competitive outlook
Data teams verify curated data and convert unstructured data

Expert Translation

Experts conduct qualitative interviews to fuel data-driven strategies
Industry-leading insights derive from predictive and prescriptive analytics
Hands-on translation sessions ensure relevancy and ease of application

Stellar Service

Fact-checkers review all data sets against historical data for relevant correlations
1:1 project management ensures consistency in data quality, curation and translation
Ongoing support is available for any technical or application troubleshooting