Bottom line: Corporate Social Responsibility is a smart business tactic that employees and customers respond to across every demographic. Companies are now aggressively asking themselves what they need to do to better integrate CSR across all business units.   As their approach and strategies evolve, companies are looking for their nonprofit partners to become more sophisticated.

In an effort to further analyze marketplace trends and define actionable insights around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for 2018, Catalist engaged in a qualitative interview process with more than 150 CSR executives.  Through a series of online surveys, interviews and focus groups, Catalist was able to extract stellar insights and define key CSR trends across all corporate sectors.

The Future of Profit With Purpose E-Book summarizes those trends, while providing actionable insights and marketplace data points, CSR executive tips, feedback and quotes.

Download The Future of Profit With Purpose E-Book to receive tips, insights and direct quotes from CSR executives at:

  • Albertson’s/Safeway
  • Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee
  • eBay
  • Keurig
  • IBM
  • National Geographic

and many more…

The Future of Profit With Purpose


Content Marketing for Corporate Alliances


Brittany Hill – Chief Innovation Officer, Catalist

Joe Waters – Founder, Selfish Giving Blog

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Learn How to Lead with Your "Why"
(and win more Corporate Partners)


Maureen Carlson – Chief Strategy Officer, Catalist

Nancy Stinson Harris – VP, Corporate Partnerships, Muscular Dystrophy Association

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Employees Are King


Brittany Hill – Chief Innovation Officer, Catalist

Angela Parker, Co-Founder, Realized Worth

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