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We’ve said for a few months now that perhaps the trend of 2019 is that “doing good is no longer good enough.”  Meaning – just being philanthropic or giving to a cause is fantastic – but a brand’s commitment to a social issue can be so much more!  Take the (love it or hate it) Nike/Kaepernick ad campaign.  “Believe in Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” is not just an ad campaign – it’s a sign of the times.  All Americans demand more from brands and nonprofit organizations.  They demand more transparency, more solutions, more collaboration, more spotlight on social issues that resonate with them.

The common theme here?  We care.  But, what do we care about?  Have the past 12 months really changed our perspective on social commitments?  Why should companies and nonprofit organizations pay attention?


Catalist’s new Issue Revolution Report that includes comprehensive coverage of how zeitgeist, politics and lifestyle has evolved the social issues Americans care most about – and why it should matter to you!  The Issue Revolution profiles the top social causes that resonate with Americans today, the conversations around these issues, who is having them and how we all want to make a difference in our communities.  The key takeaway:  What matters most to your people should matter most to your brand.  With insights and contributions from social impact powerhouses like Afdhel Aziz, Rachel Hutchisson, Katy Moore and Max Lenderman and a foreword by the one and only Carol Cone, the report inspires brands and organizations alike to claim change!

The pos giving: progressing and prospering study is both a look at the current 2018 customer affinities, and a multi-year look at the insights around customer point-of-sale preferences. Lessons learned from the 2018 study and the multi-year analysis should help retailers and causes refresh their programs for the next iteration of retail giving.

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