2019 Trends: Acceleration of Purpose

Our Best Thinking

At Catalist we like to say that strategy is just opinion until it is grounded in data.

To that end, instead of just giving you our opinion on what is evolving and trending in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for 2019 and beyond, we went to the professionals living that work every day. We reached out to more than 150 CSR executives and interviewed them, capturing their thoughts, challenges and predictions for the upcoming year. We are thankful to each and every one of these professionals that engaged in our interviews to help us provide the marketplace with their insights and trends.

So, what did we find out? When all was said and done and we were finished curating the data, the one thing that was undeniable clear is that we all need to buckle in because CSR and social impact work from the corporate sector is accelerating fast. Because of marketplace expectations, employee desires, generational shifts and global need, CSR activities are ramping up…launching across the whole corporate enterprise, getting more integrated with various departments across the company and in general, getting smarter.

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